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Business leaders, managers and administrators are the pillars of every business industry. The requirement for these professionals is increasing at a very high rate as the foundation of many start-ups and new businesses are laid every day. Thousands of Indian graduates choose management for their career development. There are many business institutes in India which offer several management specialisations to the students.

Though there are numerous management institutes in India, the number of good education providers is very less. The colleges which are renowned or are considered to be of high standards are very difficult to enter. The famous examinations for management colleges admissions in India are CAT, MAT, XAT, CMAT, etc. More than one million students take these exams every year and the competition is very high. Also, the chances of elimination of good students are also high. Students must be aware of a proper substitution for this.

Many foreign countries are known for bestowing high standard business studies to students from all over the world. Also, individuals who desire global exposure go for these universities abroad. A number of these universities rank higher than Indian institutions on the global ranking lists.


  • The demand for efficient management professionals around the globe is increasing day by day. Holding a degree of management from a renowned institution will definitely give you an upper hand.
  • Indian students who wish to study in better universities than the IIMs should seek admission to colleges in the United States or more.
  • Most of the leading companies hire employees for managerial roles from these universities.
  • Students from all over the world study in these institutions. Thus, students from India get cultural exposure.
  • Top educators from various countries form an excellent lot of teaching staff here.
  • Students not only get career development but they also enhance their personality.

Countries to consider: Australia, the United States of America, France, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Germany, etc. are top choices of the students for management and business studies.