Bissav Education

We all know that engineering is one of the most chosen domains for graduation. Also, the universal requirement for highly skilled engineers is increasing day by day. Millions of students graduate as engineers every year. There are thousands of engineering colleges in India which offer several courses in engineering. The highly ranked colleges are the IITs and NITs. Competition for entrance in these colleges is very high and the seats are limited too. Majority of students wait an additional year after their 12th boards to clear the entrance examination of these colleges. Only a few of the candidates clear these entrance examinations and get admission in reputed colleges.

There might be hundreds of engineering colleges and universities in every state of the country but not every institute provides good quality education. The degree holds no value if the student’s knowledge is not up to the mark. The students lack practical skill which is the utmost requirement of all the organizations. 

It should be noted that numerous engineering institutions abroad offer high-quality educational services to students from all over the world. Also, the criterion for their admission is not all tough. These colleges are the perfect substitution for an Indian student to pursue an engineering degree. The students get a lot of options to choose from. Different countries are known for different specialisations. Students can choose a college based on their preference and recognition. Apart from the studies, the candidates can reside in the same country and work or they can choose a specific country as per their specialisation.


  • The students get a better quality of education than many of the Indian institutes can provide. Cost of education does not vary much.
  • Students can choose the course specialisation as per their choice.
  • Practical training which is required for every work field is also emphasized.
  • These foreign universities provide an engineering degree which holds global recognition.
  • The graduates can easily work in any part of the world with the help of this educational degree.
  • Indian students do not have to worry about their stay as a lot of Indian are already residing and studying there.
  • These foreign countries also provide impeccable infrastructure and accommodation services.

Countries to consider: Apart from India, the United States of America, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Singapore are some of the top destinations for engineering education.