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Many individuals learn more than one language to stand out from the crowd. Learning an additional language is beneficial in every field. All multinational companies require people who can communicate with their international clients. Though English is generally used internationally for professional purposes, communicating in the client’s native language creates a certain type of bond with them. Hence, leading companies hire skilled translators and bilingual individuals to communicate with their clients.

There are numerous universities abroad which along with their specific courses make their native language preparatory course mandatory for the students. There is no demerit in learning these languages. It adds an extra element on the student’s resume which can prove to be very fruitful in the long run. 

In India, almost all the universities have provisions for students who wish to learn any foreign language. Also, there are hundreds of institutes in every state of India which provide certification courses in foreign languages.


  • All the embassies hire professionals who are certified orators or translators.
  • Many international companies also provide several opportunities for individuals who are fluent in a specific language. They can work as translators or official spokesperson of the organization.
  • In India, many local and national organizations hire writers who are proficient in writing a foreign language.
  • The individuals can also work as language tutors as the demand for the same is increasing rapidly.

Countries to consider: Though India is a good place to learn these foreign languages, there are many other countries whose certification or degree holds a much higher level of notability. Some of them are Russia, Spain (Seville), Germany, France, etc.